Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 way stop? What's a 4 way stop?

Due to last nights storm, most of the traffic lights are out in Fairfax County. For anyone who took drivers ed, this means all intersections default to 4 way stop rules.

You remember those rules, don't you?

Here's a refresher:


Of course in northern Virginia, it just means that the clueless moron drivers now rule the road even more than when the traffic lights are on.

I'll be in my bunker if you need anything.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turn up the suck!

Oh yeah.....just press play on the decks and pretend like you're mixing. Must be rough cashing those checks.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Coxcast? Shifty pricing practices and email "marketing"

By: Daryl "Email Marketing Guru for Really Reals" Northrop

My Cox cable price-lock is coming to an end. Oh dear. Dear oh dear. *Wrings hands* *Clutches Pearls* *Hyperventilates* *Wets self*

Luckily, the marketing pooptards at Cox have informed me of this! I clicked on their at, resplendent with chirpy, techy-looking, female eye-candy with smarty-glasses, and was presented with this fecal-oriented page:

Dear Cox: Just because I live in Fairfax County, don't assume I have, you know, "money."

Look closely now.....Where is the price? It's like a game show! "Click for the mystery price, or win a elderly goat!"

Well, I guess the value proposition here is this is a good demonstration on how NOT to do email marketing.