Monday, June 18, 2012

Coxcast? Shifty pricing practices and email "marketing"

By: Daryl "Email Marketing Guru for Really Reals" Northrop

My Cox cable price-lock is coming to an end. Oh dear. Dear oh dear. *Wrings hands* *Clutches Pearls* *Hyperventilates* *Wets self*

Luckily, the marketing pooptards at Cox have informed me of this! I clicked on their at, resplendent with chirpy, techy-looking, female eye-candy with smarty-glasses, and was presented with this fecal-oriented page:

Dear Cox: Just because I live in Fairfax County, don't assume I have, you know, "money."

Look closely now.....Where is the price? It's like a game show! "Click for the mystery price, or win a elderly goat!"

Well, I guess the value proposition here is this is a good demonstration on how NOT to do email marketing.

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  1. The cable company here - formerly Bresnan, now Optimum - is like that too. Their website is just people looking like they're really enjoying cable with no useful information on how to get it yourself.