Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BEEP! Are you angry? BEEP! Are you angry? BEEP! Are you angry? BEEP! .....

By: April (for real!)

Human behavior on public transportation is a razor-thin line between "fascinating" and "annoying".

The newest participant is on my morning bus route.  Male, mid-20s, nice business-casual clothing, with his favorite accessory: wrist-watch with alarm.  Hey, Dick Tracy, is there a 1980s calculator option and LCD to go along with that fucking annoying alarm that you feel the need to have ring every FIVE FUCKING MINUTES??  Here's a clue:  It's the same damn bus route EVERY morning!!  AND this route manages to stay on schedule 95% of the time.  Sacrifice a brain cell and set your pipsqueak alarm ONCE for closer to your favored bus stop.  I so enjoy your masculine display of snoring, twitching, and drooling all along the merry way, but I will not miss that beeping that is now eternally ingrained in every human brain. 


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