Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mayhem and me

By guest blogger: April!

Another ghastly day of commuting to the office... Where do I start? Would it be the lady on the metro car, sharing her "melodious" singing voice with the rest of us AT 6:15AM? Or, the guy on the bus, snoring softly, just enough to make you notice?

But then the real fun starts AT the office!

Someone's breakfast consisting of greasy, heated, stinky potatoes. A temper-tantrum throwing programmer (thank God he's raising the next generation). The interminable meeting. More co-workers sharing their American Idol talents (seriously, whatever happened to solitary, silent enjoying of music?). More re-heated gaggy lunch leftovers.

Yeah, it's PMS week....SO FUCKING WHAT?!?!! But the topper of the day was the commute back.

It started with an agonizingly slow bus ride....

But, the piece-de-resistance whilst observing from my throne on the metro (outside rail, above ground) was the gentleman in the four door sedan that decided there was far, far too much space between him and the concrete barrier. I kid you not, at 60 miles per hour, the car eased into the concrete and was going so fast that the drivers side front and rear tires lifted off the pavement.

I cannot believe he didn't flip the car! I didn't notice any panicky movements, or sudden swerving. He just calmly started to decelerate. In my disbelief and horror, I realized there was nothing I could do as I was hurled over the metro tracks, trapped in my train-car.

And now, I raise my travel flask to the imbecile's of the day: To the smellies, to the snories, and to the crash-test dummies; Have a nice day.

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  1. [vaguely Soviet-style non-identifiable Eastern Bloc accent]

    "In home country, concrete barrier is suggest!"