Sunday, January 15, 2012

Angry Daryl is Confused about Grocery Store fashion...

By: Daryl

Spotted this bi-pedal, half human, half leopard, half bear creature at our local grocery store.

This creature, and their choice of fashion did not make me angry, so much as very, very confused about the following:

1. Is this proper grocery store attire? (lets assume it is not Halloween, and she is not on her way to a "Jungle: RAWR!" themed party)
2. Did she lose a bet and was forced to dress this way? Later, she turned around and appeared to be about 40yrs old - too old for a sorority initiation stunt?
3. Should I dress this way? I'd have to grow my hair out a bit, and get a bad dye job....
4. Would Ted look hot dressed like this? I think so!

Maybe it was Tarzan Day at the store????


  1. Fashion-speaking, it's the general rule not to wear more than one animal in a single outfit. Both pieces are fantastic (although if not faux, deserved to be doused with paint), and weather-appropriate, but clearly a bit naive.

  2. In answers to your questions:

    1) Of course.

    2) I sure hope not.

    3) Never.

    4) How do you know that wasn't me?