Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outrage of the Day: Customer-In-Training? Seriously? Jerks.

Have you seen this in your local super-market?

What the hell is this? Customer in training? Really? Are we new to capitalism, and exchanging money for goods and services? Yes, please train children from a young age all about this, because THEY WOULD CLEARLY NEVER PICK IT UP FROM OUR PERVASIVELY SHOPPING ORIENTED SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!ONEWONWONWONONE!!!11!3-2=1

Plus, oh, I don't know, people get hungry and might like to not starve, so I'm pretty sure they would find the building full of food that can be purchased with real American cash dollars!


So, super-markets, kindly spare us the rolling obscenity that is the g_ddamned shopper-in-training carts.

Thank you, assholes.


  1. They should take the $ they spend on those damn mini carts and buy duct tape so all the little screaming, crying, hissy fit throwing brats could get their pie holes taped up at the entrance! I love kids...when they are quiet!

  2. The real question is are kids being trained to push it right? You got to lean over the handle like you're winded and unable to support your weight. It takes a bit of skill. But we want to train those kids right....fill your cart with junk, little Johnny. Don't worry about gaining weight. When you get older, the cart will support you....