Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salesforce + Firefox + Windows XP = Fuck me? No! Fuck you!

I have a cube job. Aren't all you people jealous out the ass? Sure you are.

In my aforementioned cube job, I have to use Salesforce to do a significant part of my job. For those who do not know what Salesforce is, it's a contact, sales, lead tracking, case managing monolithic, black-hole, borg of a program.

So there I am, cube jobbing away happily and start to use Salesforce through Firefox on my windows box at work. Then, the lock ups begin. The browser locks when I try to attach a file to an email. The computer locks when I try to convert an MS Word doc to a PDF. My heart locks up as rage-hormones flood in telling me to murder everyone in a 30 mile radius.

This futtbuckery continues for another hour and half as I vainly try to do, you know, 'work.' It's at this point that I give up, put in my earbuds, and crank up KMFDM until I don't care any more.

Nothing like a cascade of technical failures to turn an afternoon into a swamp of rage-soaked swamp of inefficiency.

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