Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Regular Features

Like any half-assed blog on the web-o-sphere, we'll need some regular features to keep our pathetic legion of "followers" and "readers" distracted from the doldrums that are their pathetic daily HFCS-fed (burp) lives.

  • Outrage Of The Day (the one thing that most makes you want to scream into a pillow before you go to bed. No, not like that, though. That's a different blog. Ew, April. Really. Leave that off the interent, for our sake. Kthxbai.)
  • Today's Five Annoyances (Five [5] things that make you just the slightest big angrier as the day wears on.)
  • Fuck Me? No! Fuck You! (Wherein we talk about the Tea party.)
  • Really, Donkey? (Sort of like "Really with Seth and Amy" but it's directed at chickenshit things we wish "liberals" or "progressives" or whatever word we use to call ourselves that Rush Limbaugh hasn't taken away from us because we let him [deep breath] didn't do because it hurts what we believe in more than helps.
What else? Come on, internet. Let's Get Angry!


  1. What the hell is wrong with corn syrup. You're from South Dakota, and I'm from Iowa. Together we are a walking pin-up calendar of syrupy sexiness! Embrace it, bitch!

  2. And this is gonna be the bestest most influential blog of the internet ever! Why? Because 2003 called, and told me blogs are gonna be big, baby, BIG!