Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do you know what DOESN'T make me angry? Artists that stand the test of time

By: Daryl

Last weekend, wife-unit April and I went to Ted's little Halloween soiree, and hung out for a bit with all the other very white, white, whiter than white people. In other words, we blended right in.

Music was playing in the background. It was Gary Numan's classic electronic track "Cars" from 1979. A bit cheesy by today's standards, but groundbreaking then. Take a look and a listen, maggots. Know your fucking history.

So, what is Gary Numan up to these days? As it turns out, he's still making really great music! If you like any industrial, techno, electronic, dub-step, breakbeat, type of music nowadays, you owe Gary Numan a word of thanks.

Here is his current video "The Fall" released on his new album "Dead Son Rising." This song fucking rocks on every level, bitches.

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  1. I discovered/realized today that Zoey will not dance to "today's" music. She only rocks out to the classic rock and oldies station; you know where people actually played instruments and could carry a pleasurable tune.