Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fine. Just stand there and stare.

I was at the grocery store today and noticed while walking down the meat section that when I looked down any random aisle, there were anywhere from 3-10 people standing in the middle of the aisle fucking reading stupid bullshit on their godforsaken information-phones.

Nobody was actually *buying* anything.

There may have been one or two older ladies buying crackers, but the people in my age group who clearly just left work (so many suits!) (this is the closest major grocery store to the Senate side of Capitol Hill, mind you) were just not even aware that they were in a grocery store aisle, much less that there was this awkward fat dude (me) trying to make my way to the goddamn Cheeze-Its so I can purchase them to cram into my face hole because they're delicious shut up.

Just stopped. In the way. Information-phones.