Monday, November 21, 2011

(oil)NATO(oil) priorities(oil) regarding(oil) the(oil) Arctic(oil). Also, oil.

By: Daryl

Hey there reader-people! Good morning. BRING ME MOAR EFFING COFFEE RIGHT NOW! Ahem. Thank you. The following entry doesn't really make me angry, just bemusing.

Because I'm a nerd (and you are too, just admit it), I spent some time browsing the NATO public briefing library. Lots of good information regarding the changing situation in the Arctic. As we all know, the vast left wing conspiracy invented global warming as a way to clear ice from the Arctic ocean so we can all sail our yachts there. Or whatever. Anyhow, things are changing in Santa's neighborhood, and NATO has helpfully put together lots of presentations about it.

Take a look at the blog topic tags at the bottom. I know oil is important, you know, for lube production. I'm talking about for machinery.....what the hell were you thinking? Pervert. However, it seems whoever tagged these entries thought "if one "oil" is good, five more must be betterish!"

And they were right! 

In other news, NATO has changed its name to the North Atlantic Treaty Oilganisation.

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