Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stick your office birthday/condolence/congrats cards up your paper tray...

By: Daryl

Have I mentioned how much I loathe the dreaded manila folder that contains some birthday/condolence/congrats card that gets passed to me to sign at least once a week? No? Not paying attention?

Well prepare yourself. Because I am about to do some mentioning.

Problem 1: Who has signed the card already? Why is this an issue? Well, half of the people who sign break out their 4th grade cursive, which makes their name look like a bunch of little ink marks shat out by a snail who was crawling across the card whilst suffering a severe case of diarrhea. Could we please just have a tick-sheet for people to mark off that they've signed? OMFG, that would be difficult!

Problem 2: If I'm the last person to sign, who does the card go back to? As near as I can tell, these cards materialize out of thin air a few desks away from me, and then are returned to the office-ether from whence they came after I pass it on to someone else. Mommy, Daddy, where do greeting cards come from? WHERE G-DDAMNIT? Because a post-it note with "Return to Becky in HR!!!!" is just not going to happen.

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