Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rage trigger #56,887: Shitty hairstyles I thought had died in the 1980's

By: Daryl

Hey, the 80's were a magical time. Reagan, the USSR, the sense that World War III could break out at any moment, the birth of hip-hop, etc. Yes, the 80's were grand, but lets face it, some of the clothing and hairstyles needed to die when the 80's ended.* One such hair-style is called the "Rat Tail." It is a cousin of the more retro-popular mullet, where the hair is braided into a very skinny, long braid. Literally looks like a rat's tail. It probably smells like one as well.

Today, spotted in the mall in Ballston, was, I shit you not, a rat-tail, IN THE FUCKING WILD. Ninja-cam'd it for you.

HORRIFYING, ISN'T IT! Oh yeah, felt like I was back in high school, hanging out at Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines. Fucking rat-tail city. But no, it's 2011. Things like this should exist in 2011. Should they? Should....they? <SOBS> HOLD ME, TED. HOLD ME!!!!!!!

*Fashion disclaimer. I admit to having a mullet in the 1980's, but not a rat-tail. Jealous, aren't you? Goddamn right you are.

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  1. Well, I can tell you, in the '80's I wanted a rat-tail more than anything (except braids) and all I could manage was those little Olga Korbut (remember her? before Nadia Comenice came along?) stick-out pig-tails, and mine went upwards. I almost sprained my wrist when I tried to do a rat-tail more recently, and then I had to have my hair cut because I ran out of "product."

    I could do a faux-mullet, but this isn't Des Moines and people here have *no* fashion sense, it's pathetic.